Who we are

Hi! I'm Brian Woodman. My wife Jeanine, our two kids and I live in Victoria BC Canada not far from Hatley Castle, made famous (or perhaps infamous?) by the X-Men movies as the X-Mansion.

I have many passions: I grew up folding origami and have a small library of books on folding; I spent many years in community theatre designing and building sets and stage managing. I love 3D modeling and visualizations and photography.

Both our kids love LEGO and the family room of our house has been taken over by set after set. One day in February 2016 while watching a TV commercial for LEGO, the announcer, as they always do, said: 'Backgrounds not included'. My son asked, 'Why aren't backgrounds included?' to which I replied, 'Hmm. Good question...'

Bakku Backgrounds, now a small family business that combines my love of origami, set design and 3D visualization, is my answer.

                              -- Brian 



Benefiting individuals with special learning needs


We believe strongly in supporting several local organizations that administer to the needs of a very special group of people: those who face learning challenges above and beyond the norm. Through your purchase, you help support both Discovery School and the Garth Homer Society.

A place for children with special learning needs

DISCOVERY SCHOOL is a BC Ministry of Education  special education school for children with learning disabilities on Vancouver Island. Its small classes, skilled, experienced teachers and carefully structured learning programs are designed to help every child reach their full potential.

A life, a home and a place in the world

The Garth Homer Society provides day services and programming within Greater Victoria for adults with developmental disabilities. They have 185 clients participating in seven different community and employment programs. We directly support several Garth Homer clients through their employment services program.