Foldable Background Scenery for Toys


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Beach / Island

This tropical background features a group of remote islands. 

One side of the background features Skull Island and its notorious nest of pirates.

The other side is a tranquil lagoon of crystal clear water, perfect for basking in the sun!

Forest / Desert

One side of this background has a dense forest that looks a lot like Endor! You half-expect to see Ewoks peeking out from the underbrush.

By contrast, the other side of the background features a nearly barren desert. Just the place to stage an epic alien battle!

Winter World /

If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll recognize this Winter World :-) In fact, Hoth never looked so good! The alien moon just adds to the charm and sets the stage for hours of rebel base mania!

Tired of all that snow? Reverse the background to take your snow speeder out past the planet and into a vast star field.

Patio / Forest
(low polygon)

This low-polygon background has two scenes that really enhance your child's play experience with their simplicity.

One side is an open patio with rolling green hills.

The other side shows a dense low-polygon forest dominated by a castle on a hill. Perfect for those ancient forest adventures!