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These are trying times and with more and more of us working in our trackpants and tshirts... umm... I mean professional home office space, we thought these background images from our toy dioramas would be a welcome addition to your online meetings. 

Please feel free to scroll through the images using the thumbnail navigation. If you hover over an image, you can click the download arrow to download a 1920 X 1080 copy to your computer. There are also links for you to like and share them.

I've also included some fan art we put together by building some virtual 3D models in both the Pine Forest and the Winter World dioramas. Hope you like them!

Stay healthy, Everyone. Enjoy.


Free Storyboard PDF

When you're thinking about and planning the action in an animation, one of the best ways to get your ideas down on paper is by using a storyboard. 

We put together a storyboard template for you to use. It uses a HD 16:9 aspect ratio which is pretty typical for video size these days. It also has faint lines you can use to think about framing your shots.

Please feel free to download a copy to use in your latest project. Hope you find it useful!

Stay healthy, Everyone. Enjoy.


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