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Foldable Background Scenery for Toys

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We create awesome, easy-to-use, free-standing foldable backgrounds or dioramas for toys like LEGO or Shopkins or action figures that engage imagination and creativity.

Bakku Backgrounds Toy Scenery | Hoth
Bakku LEGO Friends at the Beach


We want to change the world, one toy set at a time. Using the toys you've invested in, our immersive backgrounds provide the setting for a world of imaginative play, unleashing the power of your child's inventiveness, resourcefulness and originality.

Oh...and pizza. Our mission is also to eat pizza.


Our patented toy backgrounds have a number of beneficial features.

  • REVERSIBLE: Most of the backgrounds come with separate imagery on both sides. It's like getting two backgrounds in one!

  • EASY SETUP: The free-standing backgrounds/dioramas ship flat. Set up is incredibly easy: simply unpack the background, smooth it out and fold along the pre-determined creases. It’s “child’s play”, as it were...

  • FOLDABLE: No "slots and tabs" or mechanical parts to mess about with. A full set of simple instructions are included to allow for easy-peasy folding. 

Bakku Backgrounds Toy Scenery | Desert Troopers
Bakku Backgrounds Toy Scenery | Endor


  • DIFFERENT ORIENTATIONS: the backgrounds come in either a Portrait orientation or a Landscape orientation. Think "Tall and thin" or "Wide and short"
  • EXPANDABLE: the backgrounds can also be joined together and extended, again with no mechanical joining like clips or rods or even ‘slots and tabs’. The joining is accomplished using folds in the material alone. This is the reason the backgrounds are also available as a pair.


Our superb backgrounds are printed on high-quality FSC-certified paper. We then coat both sides with our QuikWipe™ lamination, creating a silky smooth surface that can withstand hours of creative fun. Bonus: smears of PB and J wipe up in a jiffy! ('Jiffy'. Get it? :-)
Bakku Backgrounds Toy Scenery | LEGO Friends Schoolyard Driver


Nearly every commercial or advertisement for every toy set on the market includes this disclaimer:
"Backgrounds not included."
Well, we say: NO MORE! Backgrounds ARE included... with every purchase!! Yes, that's right: when you purchase a background, we include it in the package we send you :-)
Bakku Backgrounds Toy scenery | Sofia The First
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